Q. How do I get my voucher?
A. When checking out, you can choose to have your voucher mailed to you or pick them up in person.


Q. Where do I pick up my vouchers?

A. Collect your certificates during regular business hours Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm at 1510 Bayliss Street Midland, MI 48640


Q. When can I redeem my voucher?

A. Each voucher will have an expiration date if it expires at all. Please carefully read the description on each vendor offer for expiration dates and seasons available. Sorry, We are not responsible for your attempt to use expired certificates.


Q. Can I give the voucher or certificate as a gift?

A. If you know you are giving the certificate as a gift, you can address it to that lucky person. The billing information is separate. If you are unsure, you can have your name as the recipient and still give it away. 


Q. Do I have to buy it now?

You should buy any wanted deals quickly. There are limited quantities available and there may not be more available for purchase.


Q. What if I take my voucher to the business and they will not honor it?
A. That should not happen, however, if it does please let us know ASAP.  A local deal technician will personally handle your issue directly with the advertiser and we will find a solution.


Q. Is gratuity included?

A. Gratuity is not included. Please remember, businesses are hoping to gain new customers by offering discounts. If you feel like you have received good service please show your gratitude. This will help us get better and bigger deals in the future. 

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